Orange Peel Exfoliator


Orange Peel Exfoliator is a fine powder that is obtained from sweet orange peels Rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and bioflavonoids, Orange Peel Exfoliator is the ideal component to bring out the beauty of delicate and mature skins. Potent results are obtained in treatment of capillary permeability with the orange bioflavonoids by Orange Peel Exfoliator. Moreover, the essential oil, coming from Orange Peel Exfoliator is known for its calming, softening and harmonizing properties.


  • It contains more amount vitamin C than the flesh inside it therefore it helps in protecting thru skin radical damage and keeping acne bay.
  • It also contains potassium it helps in keeping the skin hydrated and preserves moisture.
  • It contains magnesium which prevents oxidative streets in skin cell for youthful and bright skin, Prevents nuclear damage of skin.
  • It is good for flaky and itchy skin.
Orange Peel Exfoliator